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a PROVEN…step-by-step course guiding you from start-to-finish through building a sustainable, freelance services business you can run from anywhere in the world.

(Turn your digital nomad dreams into reality)

Truth: Complacency doesn’t look good on you.

Dissatisfied. Stuck. Frustrated.

Filled with wanderlust + aching for change.

There’s more than one way to live -- and we’re willing to bet your dream version doesn’t include sitting behind a desk working on someone else’s clock. 

Great news: It doesn’t have to. 

The successful, work-from-anywhere life of a digital nomad is not only possible; it’s within your reach.

Build a business that enables the freedom you crave, 
made possible by the skills you already have.

The step-by-step course guiding you start-to-finish through building a sustainable freelance services business that allows you the freedom to live and work from anywhere in the world.

AKA- Everything we’ve learnt in over three years of running our own digital nomad business while traveling the world...but with a significantly shorter learning curve.

What's included in the Roadmap:
 10 module Digital Nomad Roadmap program.
 Swipes files, templates, checklists & planners to help you organise, plan, execute & implement the training.
 15 epic bonuses.
 Full support from yours truly.

The freedom you want to determine your own schedule; to choose your own work; to move as little or as often as you want. No more watching the vacation bank run dry. No more missing family events. No more dreading Mondays.

Your freedom; your terms.


The thrill of adventure on a daily basis. The smell of fresh air on a breezy coast. The taste of delicious food in a historic city. It’s not about the escape; it’s about the journey.

Travel, as a way of life.


The satisfaction in knowing that you designed a life you love. That you’ve made work more than just a place. That challenges are real, but so is joy. It’s about letting go of what’s holding you back, and turning lust into love.

Fulfillment...because you’ve made this.

Experience that freedom, travel, and contentment
all while running a sustainable online business that generates reliable income each month.

Radhika & Johnny helped me build a freelance writing business from scratch! At first, I was apprehensive about breaking out and working for myself. I wasn’t sure if I could ever make enough cash to cover my bills, but now I’m actually saying NO to clients because I have too much work. (A good problem to have!) I found their course extremely valuable, as the information was easy to understand and, more importantly, easy to put into action. I’ve always loved traveling, and now I can do it with out having to count my coins or limit my experiences because of my finances. Thank you!

Cristiano D.

But wait, 
that can't be you right?
Wrong. Running a freedom-based online business doesn’t have to be a distant dream.
Nor does it have to live up to the myths you've probably believed at one point or another:

Myth 1 - Digital Nomads = Backpackers

The work-from-anywhere, digital nomad life is one of intentional travel where you can set up shop in that region you’ve always dreamed of, move around monthly, or travel every weekend. It’s up to you. (Backpack, optional.)

Myth 2 - It's not sustainable in the long run

Becoming a location-independent business owner is more than an escape plan from your current situation. It’s a long-term life plan where you’ll learn what freedom means to you and how to create greater fulfillment.

Myth 3 - Digital nomads are on extended vacations

This life isn’t just one long sabbatical. Nor is it a vacation with brief work sessions in between coconut drinks and pool breaks. Being an online business owner means you’ll work longer hours and face greater challenges -- but on your terms. (And if a Corona on the beach happens to show up? So be it.)

Myth 4 - Being a digital nomad means breaking the bank

The beauty of running an online business is this: You need a laptop + a wifi connection. Overhead = slim, meaning you can choose to spend your budget making travel how you want it.

Myth 5 - An online business will never provide a steady, reliable income. 

Is the freelancer’s feast or famine cycle real? Sure...for some. But when you set up your business with a solid foundation from the start, implementing processes that generate steady client work and revenue no matter what timezone you’re in, reliable income is a safe reality.

Myth 6 - You need to spend x time studying/preparing/networking before you start

You don’t need more education. You don’t need a worldwide network. You don’t need a decade of planning. You have the skills; you just need to know how to put them to work.

You - yes, YOU - can make it happen. But you don’t have to go unguided.
The Digital Nomad Roadmap isn’t just a course to sell you on the dream - you have that. 

This Roadmap is your blueprint for making it reality.
Choosing the Right Skills to Monetise and Setting Yourself up for Massive Freelancing Success

> Choosing the right skills.

> Finding a niche that makes you $$$.

Building an Online Presence: The Secrets to Making a Name for Yourself, Even If You’re a Freelancing Newbie

> Building an online presence.

> Making a name for yourself as a newbie.

Upwork Building Blocks: The Profile-building Tactics That Get You Noticed (and Hired!)

> Upwork profile building tactics that work.

> PRO advice for getting noticed + hired.

Hunting for Gold: The Ideal Client + the Exact Strategies We Use, to Find Quality Work on Upwork

> Identifying your ideal client.

> Strategies for finding QUALITY work on Upwork.

Crafting the Perfect Pitch: The 3-step Proven Process That Wins Over Clients Every Time

> The 3-step proven process that wins over clients.

> Pitching, interviewing, sealing the deal.

Beyond Upwork: The Simple Yet Powerful Strategies That Turn Your Personal Network Into a Client Generation Machine

> Finding clients beyond Upwork.

> Turning your personal network into a client generation machine.

Running Your Business from Anywhere: The Essential Tools for a Location Independent Freelancer

> Running your business from anywhere.

> All the tools you need.

Starting Your Digital Nomad Journey: Where to Go + the Pro DN Hacks You Must Know Before Deciding Where to Live

> Where to go on your first digital nomad trip.

> The Pro DN hacks for deciding where to live.

Hitting the Road: The Complete Insider Guide to Getting Organised Before You Go + Essential Travel Planning Advice for Digital Nomads

> Getting organised + developing the right mindset.

> Travel planning advice for digital nomads.

Staying on Course: The ‘I Wish I Knew’ Advice for Balancing Work and Travel, Including Our Top 10 Tried and Tested Productivity Tips.

> Balancing work and travel + having fun!

> Top 10 tried and tested productivity tips.

Wait a minute, there's more? 
Yeh that's right..


 The Digital Nomad Roadmap Planner

The ultimate, simple solution to avoiding overwhelm as you find your skills, build your business and learn how to travel with it. Keeps you organised & on track.


Downloadable Email Templates

The exact email templates we use to apply for and win $1000+ retainer jobs. Impress clients with your professional approach. 100% editable documents (example emails included).


The Niche Discovery Spreadsheet

The simple but super effective document to help you narrow down your skills and find a money-making freelancing niche.


The Digital Nomad Toolkit

All the tools, resources, systems you need to set up and run a successful, location-independent service business. Tried and tested recommendations only.

(for insiders' eyes only)

A freelance business that you can run from anywhere.

Confidence in the skills you already have that are going to generate reliable income each month while you work with clients you love.

Freedom from the 9-5 grind that you’ve been aching for, with the ability to determine your own schedule.

Control over your own priorities, from making progress toward fulfilling your insatiable desire to see the world, to designating more time to friends and family, and everything in between.

Build work around your life
not the other way around

You know that there’s more out there. 

We don’t need to convince you of that. Instead, we’ll help you make a reality of seeing the sunset and moonrise in a new location as often as you’d like, while loving work more than you ever imagined you could.

Radhika and Johnny are two fantastic people who have designed the life of their dreams living and working in different countries around the world. They’ve shown that with a bit of planning and hard work it’s possible to create a location independent lifestyle and business. If you want to start living life on your terms I highly recommend you sign up for their course.

Kasia R.

The Digital Nomad Roadmap: More than an escape plan.
It’s a life plan.
And it happens to be the exact roadmap we live by.
Who’s behind the 
Digital Nomad Roadmap?

We’re Radhika + Johnny, of Fulltime Nomad. It’s nice to meet you.

We don’t just talk the talk - we’ve walked the walk. (And still are.) We’ve been digital nomads since October 2013

Our Story

After happily working in digital marketing in Australia for over 5 years, we quit our jobs because we wanted something more, fuelled mainly by the desire to make travel a greater part of our lives.

Through those three years, we experimented with blogging and affiliate marketing, but ultimately landed on freelancing. Before long, we built an online marketing agency capitalizing on our skills - Johnny’s in marketing and branding and Radhika’s in copywriting and content. In this time, we’ve also made travel our lifestyle.

We’ve experienced the highs, and we’ve made it through the lows. And now we have created a life we love, more than we imagined possible.


Get the EXACT steps you need to build a business that enables the freedom you crave, made possible by the skills you already have.

Get started today!

2 monthly payments of $105

(Just $105 today)
10 module Digital Nomad Roadmap program.
Swipes files, templates, checklists & planners.
15 EPIC bonuses.
Life-time access.
Full support from yours truly.
30-day money back guarantee.

Single payment of $197

10 module Digital Nomad Roadmap program.
Swipes files, templates, checklists & planners.
15 EPIC bonuses.
Life-time access.
Full support from yours truly.
30-day money back guarantee.

30-DAY 100%

Got questions? We have answers!
Is this course right for me? Meaning, will it “work” for me??
OK, so everyone’s situation is a little bit different and of course we can’t guarantee results but we can give you the EXACT blueprint for success with this and all the tools, strategies and step-by-step hand-holding. (read more)
What if I don't know what my skills are... is Digital Nomad Roadmap still for me? 
Absolutely! We have your back. With your enrolment you will get full access to training that will not only help you identify your key skills but also guide you towards choosing a money-making business niche.  (read more)
 What exactly do I get with the course? 
As soon as you purchase, you will get immediate access (via user name and password) to the entire Digital Nomad Roadmap program  (read more)
Why should I choose YOU to teach me? 
We teach you how to find your skills and build a business but ALSO, how to put the right systems in place so you can travel the world while still running your business… from ANYWHERE i.e. how to be a successful digital nomad. We don’t just talk the talk -- we’ve walked the walk. (And still are.) We’ve been digital nomads since October 2013. Everything we’re teaching you is from LOTS of research and more importantly, our own personal experience.  (read more)
How long are the modules?
Each module is on average about 40-mins-ish + you will have bonus content to review. (read more)
If I choose the payment plan and get started for just $105, do I get the entire course or just a portion until I pay all my payments?
By popular request we have two options for payment:

Option #1: 2 monthly payments of $105 
Option #2: One time fee of $197

You can get the entire Digital Nomad Roadmap system for just 2 payments of $105. Meaning just $105 due today and you get the whole freakin' thing.  (read more)
What if I buy and want a refund? What’s the policy?
So, here is the deal on refunds. We are super proud of this program. We know it actually works...if you put the work in. Meaning, if you do what we teach you, good things happen. If you don’t do it, nothing good happens. Shocking, right?

We offer a 30 day refund period. You can find all the details here.
A life of freedom, by design.
Start yours with the exact blueprint from the people who’ve done it.
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